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Meet Brandy

If you’ve seen us at a tradeshow or received any kind of mail from us in the last year, you might have noticed a cute (but gassy) little unicorn adorning our marketing materials. We get so many inquiries from clients, friends, and new people we meet about the meaning behind her, so we thought it was time for a formal introduction.

The Meaning

After learning the significance of a Unicorn Company and a Unicorn Employee, Nevin thought it would be fun to include one in our branding. We never could have imagined how much people would love her.

A Unicorn Company is one that is making huge strides, seeing great growth, and leading the way in their industry. It is a title to strive for.

A Unicorn Employee is that hard-to-come-by employee who goes above and beyond in all they do, leads by example, can be trusted fully, and is incredibly valuable. To be viewed as a Unicorn Employee is a great feat.

Developing Brandy

So, the conversion went like this:

Nevin: “I want to include a unicorn into our branding for the company and for Brandstores. When you have some downtime, could you maybe come up with something?”

Sean: “Say no more.”

*Enter Brandy, erm, blasting her way to the top.*

Brandy has become a staple around our office and has been so fun to incorporate on everything from banners and print materials to stickers and socks. She is a great conversation starter at trade events; so many people walk up with a smile already on their face and a curiosity for what the Brandy the unicorn is all about. We love every conversation we’ve gotten to have about her!

Through our Brandstores platform and our customized branded merch solutions, we hope to help our clients inspire unicorn performance in both their company and their employees.  We (including Brandy) love playing a part in building great brands and organizations.

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