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The Importance of Branded T-Shirts

The Importance of Branded T-Shirts

After a year of devastation, difficulty, and disappointment, spring has arrived and feels just a little sweeter this time around. With the reinstatement of gatherings and events that were canceled last year, we are seeing an influx of requests for one of our most popular promotional items: t-shirts.

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), t-shirts are most heavily searched for in the months of March, April, and June (we see you, last-minute planners.) As businesses and nonprofits prepare for spring and summer events, t-shirts are an affordable go-to to instill team unity and excitement.

We’ve been doing this a while, so we want to be sure you get the most bang for your buck as budgets are low and hope for what’s to come is high. Here are a few factors to consider as you plan to purchase giveaway t-shirts for your spring or summer event.

Quality Matters

More and more, we are seeing requests for soft-style, ring-spun tees. While a 100% cotton tee is typically your most affordable option, a soft and comfortable material ensures that the recipient will wear your shirt over and over again after your event. Ask your go-to marketing team about the shirt materials available to you within your budget. The possibilities are endless, as our suppliers produce new styles every season.


Stylish Design

Be it special occasions, festivals, parties, or employee giveaways, slapping a logo on the front or back of a shirt is fine and can certainly be effective, but what if your shirt could say more through creative and stylish design? If you have the opportunity to work with a designer, do it. Our team of in-house designers will come alongside you to create something unique and trendy for your event, while still getting your message across.


Pricing Factors

We’re often asked for pricing on X quantity of shirts without much more detail. Not many realize that there are a few factors that go into determining the most accurate pricing for you. We will need to know the number of print locations; e.g. front, back, and sleeve, as well as how many colors the artwork has per location. This can always be changed later if you need to cut costs but at least gives us a good starting point.


Timeless Treasures

T-shirts are classic and will serve your brand for months and years to come. They truly never go out of style, and if done well, will help your brand reach maximum exposure. Think of the t-shirts still in your closet from college, or even high school. That nostalgia and sense of belonging never really goes away, does it?

Do you need help planning for your next event? Let our team of marketing professionals and designers help you. Send us an email at We are eager to help you!

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